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These are the workshops and training courses that I would personally recommend for 2007. I have both worked with the trainers and experimented with their models sufficiently to want others to know about the work they are doing.

Jennifer de Gandt
An Elder in the area of therapeutic and personal development. At 70 she is an important source of David Grove’s work and Arnold Mindell’s work in France. Working with Jennifer out in La Bouvetière in Normandy is an experience that will mark your life – as it has mine. I am almost tempted to say that it doesn’t matter which of her workshops you choose, just make sure you choose at least one !

Suzel Gabborit-Stiffel
One of the pioneer members of the LKB School of Coaching, she has worked with the Hal & Sidra Stone to develop their work : Voice Dialogue in France. She is now a finely tuned facilitator of this process which allows you to explore in depth the different facets of the personality. Suzel offers to train you as a facilitator in a coaching context.

Dominique Laugero
Is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with in France. He has trained me in NLP and the Enneagram. The Enneagram is first and foremost a personal development pathway and like, Voice Dialogue, it allows you to gain in depth insight into the structure of your personality. It is useful in decoding your client’s conflict zones and where his resources might lie. This training is both fun and enlightening.

Birgit Knegendorf
The little experience I have had of working with Birgit has really impressed me and encouraged me to go into a much more depth understanding and usage of Constellation work. Birgit is a deeply intuitive and respectful facilitator of family constellation work. I highly recommend this work to coaches as it will help them develop a much finer awareness of their own family “story” as well as sensitize them to the unspoken histories that clients bring with them to a coaching session.

Monique Selles
Is offering some excellent training in Will Shutz’s work : The Human Element. It is deep personal work and trains you in techniques for working with company teams and groups. Monique was very close to Will Shutz, himself and is considered as one of Europe’s top trainers of his work.


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