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novembre 2009 : Les feuilles d’automne

Vous faites partie de mon histoire
Et quelquefois le soir
J’ouvrirai l’album de ma mémoire

A bientôt donc sous d’autres cieux
Moins capricieux, plus détendus

L’Adieu comme le reste étant illusion
Mieux vaut un Au revoir
et qui sais….

Je vous laisse l’ultime mot de l’histoire

- Nicole

Dear Lynne,

A few weeks ago as I distributed my publicity for my ComcolorsTraining I had the image of me sprinkling seeds in my garden. I don’t get much pleasure from this as from experience the results are very uncertain.

Sometimes 2 or 3 years later a flower or plant from my sprinkling or bulb planting pushes through the earth. My joy is like a child on Christmas morning. How did that get there? I’m sure I planted it in another part of the garden. Must be the birds or mice or goblins!!
I stop the questioning and take the time to appreciate the power of nature and time.

So I looked at the different people accepting my papers for this new training and I listened to some of their reactions.
“I admire you at your age, can’t be easy starting something new as you need so much energy” - young student of 22 years old. Obviously I’m in my autumn season and the winter is coming soon. No big deal every gardener knows it’s the best time for planting.
“I wish I had the guts to do something new. I’ve been dreaming of it for years but I don’t have the energy. I’ve decided to prepare for my retirement”. Government worker, the same age as me. Once again I must be in the autumn season, no comment!
“Great idea I’m sure it will work. With your experience and motivation it’ll happen. - Just a matter of patience and perseverance” - 62 year old retired Doctor. Sounds like I’ve had a few autumns but I still have a few before me.

Being Scottish I’ve come to the conclusion most products are best when matured. So as I continue to plant for the future I accept that some days are not meant for planting but just taking strength. This seems to answer why I’m lagging a little commercially speaking but growing stronger day by day, like the seeds in my garden.

I am now quite excited as to when and where the Comcolor Flowers will spring up - Eager to see my garden, no doubt in the autumn or winter years of my life. As to how or when I will leave this earth, can’t see the point in wasting time over the question. Live each day as your last, you can’t be taken by surprise and usually have fun! More importantly, if I leave some people with happy memories and have helped even one person in their lives then it’s all be worthwhile.

Now its time to wish everyone a happy Winter !



I like the autumn colors. I was told I am an autumn person although I was born late April. Who knows?
I like the warmth of those colors in the leaves while in the trees! Then sweeping them when fallen, waiting for them to fall is a never ending story like they don’t finish dying….

I guess this is like life, beautiful and then we can not control what is making us die and when we choose to leave that life there.

There is also a lot of peace around taking care of the dead leaves on the ground like there is a peace after weeding our own secret garden … but this is a short satisfaction because there are always more to sweep…

And after the autumn there is the winter with cold and iced wind at least on this side of the world, illusion????


Très joli.. J'aime bien aussi

"les sanglots longs des violons de l'automne
blessent mon coeur d'une langueur monotone"


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