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The first school was launched in February 2000 with a goal to
teach consultants and trainers to develop and practise coaching skills
in one to one situations.  

Today participants include HR managers, therapists, recruiters, advisors, and people transitioning out of corporate life and into their own businesses as well as consultants and trainers.

The focus is on corporate coaching and all that is implied in managing the three or four way agreement between the company, the client and the coach.

The school has two intakes of one-on-one coaching per year : Level 1 runs over 7 months and starts in February and Level 2 runs over 6 months ans starts in September, each year.

A second school that teaches coaches and consultants to facilitate
and coach company teams and groups was launched three years later in 2003. This runs bilingually in French and English and aims to recreate the conditions of people working in company teams. Participants learn to work and understand on three levels: team member/team leader/facilitator and coach.

The Team Coaching School runs between April and July every year.
A second and deeper level of working with teams and groups will be launched in September 2013. This 4 months, 8 day course will train coaches to work with processes that facilitate the emergence of collective intelligence.


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