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   Team Coaching - Level 1

LKB School of Team Coaching

This training course targets consultants, coaches and trainers wishing to acquire skills for creating and facilitating team workshops and for the most mature teams, skills for coaching them.

As the course is relatively short (8 days over 4 months), people applying for the course need a good working knowledge of life in a company team and to have acquired the basic skills of a coach.

Two trainers : Lynne Burney & Corinne Devery, for 12 participants guarantee individual attention, personal feedback and plenty of practice time.

"Your trainers take the subject seriously but not themselves!"

Participants learn to:

  • Be strict and concise in delivering instructions.
  • Be open and flexible in their facilitation of team debriefing sessions.

"First class - Team 2003 - Paris"

By the end of the course most participants will have:
  • Acquired an "A to Z" of how to build team workshops.
  • Developed a conscious and applicable choice between structure and flexibility in their facilitation style and skill.
  • Experienced life in a remote team.
  • Formed a professional network of experienced facilitators.

"Team 2010 - Paris"

Download the program Here


Nota Bene
This program is bilingual (French and English).


Version française Version française

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